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Feb 7, 2011
 New Website

Dec 2, 2009
 Big win for Marriage in New York

Nov 8, 2009
 The Pelosi-Obama Health Care plan passes the House

Oct 31, 2009
 Conservatives relieved that liberal republican candidate has suspended her campaign for Congress

Oct 27, 2009
 National Defense and Hate Crimes together in one bill

Oct 10, 2009
 State Senator Jon Husted asks Congress to make it easier for US Military to cast ballots in election

Sep 15, 2009
 Lawsuit filed today against Governor Strickland and the Ohio Lottery Commission

Aug 4, 2009
 Obama Health Care Overview

Jun 30, 2009
 Supreme Court Decision reveals that Sotomayor was Wrong

Jun 17, 2009
 Florida Lawsuit filed against Delray Beach Marriott for breach of contract and free speech violation



Nov 19, 2009
 Seeking Purity this Christmas?

Nov 16, 2009
 Procrastination Gets You No Where

Nov 6, 2009
 Controversial discoveries being made by Cedarville Geologist

Nov 4, 2009
 Beavercreek Family Debuts Nov. 8 on Extreme MakeOver: Home Addition

Jun 30, 2009
 Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit the Government from Owning Stock in Corporations

Jun 30, 2009
 Son of Martyred Iranian Pastor Says Believers Could Face More Persecution During Protest Crackdown

Jun 20, 2009
 Iranian poet, writer and filmmaker talks about motives of the Iranian protestors

Jun 18, 2009
 Public Broadcasting Stations Begin Phasing Out Religious Programming From the Airwaves

Jun 10, 2009
 Pastor attacked and arrested on false charges of conversion in Andhra Pradesh, India

Jun 10, 2009
 Journalist Jailed in North Korea has Southern California Church Connection


Jun 17, 2009
 Ohio lawmakers pass first step toward stopping the federal

Oct 8, 2008
 Climate Scare versus Common Sense

May 2, 2008
 Ethics -- More than just a word

Apr 11, 2008
 Dining on Pork in D.C.



Nov 23, 2009
 Obama Politics and Climate Change

Nov 23, 2009
 The FDIC, that “insures” your bank deposits, is broke

Nov 10, 2009
 Honoring our Servicemen and Women on Veteran's Day

Nov 6, 2009
 Remembering the Sacrifices of our Nation's Veterans


Book Reviews...

Jun 10, 2009
 New book: My Heart's Desire: A Journey Toward Finding Extravagant Love

May 26, 2009
 Christian recording artist releases new book


Movie Reviews...

Jan 29, 2009
 Catholic actress Hogan likes roles, pace of her career

May 15, 2008
 EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed


Music Reviews...

May 26, 2009
 Lee Behnken, Music Evanglist, releases Chpaters 1 & 2 Song of Solomon series

May 26, 2009
 Bluetree's "God Of This City" sung by American Idol winner Kris Allen


Other Reviews...

Aug 10, 2005
 The Beauty and the Beast

Jul 28, 2005
 Festival Keeps Spirit Alive


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